Architecture and Design Collection

UCSB professor David Gebhard (1927-1996) founded the ADC in 1963. Today it is one of the largest architectural archives in North America with almost 2,000,000 drawings, as well as papers, photographs, models, decorative objects, and furniture. The focus of the collection is the design and architecture of southern California from the late 19th through the early 21st century.

More than 275 collections and archives make up the ADC, a portrait of design in the region through the work of well-known  figures such as Irving Gill, John Byers, Roland Coate, Sr., George Washington Smith, Myron Hunt and Harold Chambers, Robert Stacy-Judd, R. M. Schindler, Lutah Maria Riggs, Thornton Abell, Gregory Ain, Julius R. Davidson, Palmer Sabin, Kem Weber, Whitney Smith and Wayne Williams, Edward Killingsworth, Rex Lotery, Maynard Lyndon, A. E. Morris, Barton Myers, and Harry Wolf, among others.

The ADC has received generous support from the Getty Foundation, the Council on Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR), Brent Harris and Lisa Meulbroek Harris, as well as the members of the Museum Council.

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  • Robert Thorgusen house / Orange County Home Show / Shoreline house (Costa Mesa, California), 1957-1958
    Smith & Williams records, Architecture and Design Collection. Art, Design & Architecture Museum; University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Albert Frey with car in front of Frey House #1 (Palm Springs, California), ca. 1954
    Albert Frey papers, Architecture and Design Collection. Art, Design & Architecture Museum; University of California, Santa Barbara


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As archives are processed, finding guides describing the nature and contents of each collection are posted on the web site of the Online Archive of California. This database of archival collections from all over the state of California allows researchers to search in one place across multiple institutions for materials relevant to their topic. Learn more about the Online Archive of California.

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Abell (Thornton M.) papers

ADC Furniture collection

ADC Oral History collection

ADC Study collection

Adler (David) papers

Ain (Gregory) papers

Ainsworth (Robert Henry) papers relating to the Ward Kimball house

Alexander (Jesse) papers

Alexander (William Levy) papers

Allison and Allison drawings of the Mr. and Mrs. Carl von Bibra residence

Andersen (Tim) drawings

Andrews O'Connell Architects drawings of the William Woodward house

Applebaum (Norm) papers

Architectural models from the exhibition "The Architecture of R. M. Schindler (1887-1953)"

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Baden (Frank) papers

Barragan (Luis) papers

Baumgartner (Sydney) landscape architecture records

Beach (John) papers

Becket (Ellerbe and Welton) papers

Beelman (Claud) architectural drawings

Bennett & Bennett records

Benton (Arthur) photograph collection

Berg (Jacob) design for architectural panels

Bissantz (Edgar) photographs

Bliss and Faville architectural drawings

Block (Fritz) papers

Bowling (Mary) photographs

Brandt (Berkeley) papers

Brownell (W. A. W.) drawings

Byers (John) papers

Byles (H. Douglas) papers

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CALTRANS Santa Barbara crosstown freeway overpass and landscape design drawings

Campbell & Campbell drawings of Santa Barbara Courthouse landscaping

Carjola (Chester J.) drawings

Carpenter (R. A.) drawings

Chalfin (Paul) drawing of the James Deering residence Villa Vizcaya

Chambers (Robson) papers

Chapman (Josephine Wright) drawings of the Margaret Huston Carrington house

Charlton (Jim) papers

Charney (Jack A.) drawings

Cheesman (Roy W.) elevation drawings for the proposed remodeling of the First Baptist Church

Church (Myron H.) drawings of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Hotel at Vaugnn, New Mexico

City of Pasadena Planning Department architectural permit records

City of Santa Barbara Community Development Department records

Clark & McDougal presentation drawing for the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel

Clark (Hervey Parke) photographs of Southern California architecture

Clark (Larry) drawings of DeRado house

Clements (Stiles O.) drawings of the Coulter Dry Goods Co. Department Store

Coate, Sr. (Roland Eli) papers

Cooke, Frost, and Greer drawings for Myron Aiches and Len Gluck house

Coppersmith (John H.) drawings for house on Skyline Drive

County of Santa Barbara bridges

Coxhead (Ernest) drawings

Craig (James Osborne) papers

Craig (Mary McLaughlin) papers

Cramer (Ambrose C.) drawings of the Arthur Meeker residence Montecito, California

Crawford (Rowland Henry) papers

Curlett & Beelman records

Curletti (Jose Luis) drawings of the Edward L. Ryerson house

Current (William R.) photography

Curtiss (Louis) drawings for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Co. Hotel at Lamy, New Mexico

Cusack (Victor) papers

Cutter (Kirtland Kelsey) papers

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Davidson (Julius Ralph) papers

Davidson (Tom) drawings of apartment complex

de Forest (Elizabeth Kellam and Lockwood) papers

de Forest (Lockwood) landscape drawings

De Long (James) papers

De Rose (Michael) drawings of the Robert Emmons house

Decorative architectural pieces and photographs from the Jackling house designed by George Washington Smith

Derrah (Robert Vincent) papers

Diniz (Carlos) archive

Door frame from the Edward Heller house designed by George Washington Smith

Dorr (Louis L.) papers

Dothee (Albert) drawings of the Hayes house

Drawing of a proposed parking facility for El Paseo

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Eames (Charles & Ray) ephemera and photographs

Eckbo, Royston & Williams drawings

Edwards (Peter) drawing of the Hidalgo Plumbing building

Edwards, Plunkett & Howell drawings

Edwards-Pitman drawings

Ehmcke (Caspar Johann) papers

Eichler (Alfred) papers

Escher GuneWardena Architecture cabinet drawings for Stephen Prina exhibit, As He Remembered It, 2011

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Farquhar (Robert D.) drawings of Beverly Hills High School

Farwell (Lyman) papers

Fisher (Frederick) drawings

Fowler (Robert A.) papers

Frank O. Gehry and Associates drawings for Santa Monica Place

Frey (Albert) papers

Friends of the Schindler House lecture series

Frizzell (William Kenneth) papers

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Garland, Jr. (Robert) drawings

Gebhard (David) papers

Gebhard (Patricia and David) research papers

Gehry (Frank) sketch of the Cross Check armchair

Gill (Irving John) papers

Gill (Louis J.) papers

Gladding, McBean & Company records

Goodhue (Bertram Grosvenor) drawings

Greene (Isabelle) landscape architecture records

Greenwald (Jody) research materials on Cliff May

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H. Analauf & F. P. Ward drawings of the G. W. Faulkner residence

H. H. Mahler Co. drawings

Hanson (A. E.) papers

Harris (Harwell Hamilton) drawings and model

Hastings (Henry J.) papers

Herold (R. A.) drawings of the General Hospital (Santa Barbara, Calif.)

Hibbard and Gerity records

Hill (Henry) drawings and specifications of the Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haet house

Historic American Buildings Survey drawings

Hoag (Paul Sterling) papers

Holroyd (Geoffrey) collection regarding the 1956 "This is Tomorrow" exhibit, London

Howard (Coy) architecture poster collection

Howell, Arendt, Mosher & Grant records

Hoyt (Robert Ingle) papers

Hunt & Chambers records

Hunter (Paul R.) papers

Hurst (Sam T.) papers

Hutchason (Arthur R.) drawings

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Issacson (R. Deming) drawings of the Cordero Adobe

Issacson (R. Deming) architectural drawings

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Jabes (Edward) drawings of the Miss. Kidder house

Johnson (Joseph L.) drawings of the Zetterberg house

Johnson, Kaufmann, & Coate drawings for Saint Paul's Cathedral

Johnson (Reginald) papers

Judge (Bernard) papers

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Kanner Architects records

Kauffman (Gordon B.) drawings

Kelley (H. Roy) papers

Killingsworth (Edward A.) papers

Kirkhuff & Schaaf drawing of the San Marcos building addition

Kistner, Wright & Wright drawings of the Betsy Ross Extended Day Care Center addition

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Ladd (Thornton) drawings for the Mrs. Donald Bear house

László (Paul) papers


Lenny (Henry) drawings

Levin (Arthur H.) papers

Liebermann (Daniel) Colin collection of materials about


Linesch (Joseph H.) papers

Lloyd (Lucile) papers

Lockard (E. Keith) papers

Los Angeles Daily Journal coverage of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission Comprehensive Zoning Plan

Lotery (Rex) papers

Lyndon (Joyce Earley) drawings

Lyndon (Maynard) papers

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M. L. Barker & G. Lawrence Ott drawings for the Claretian Theologate School building

Mahan (William) drawings

Martin (Harold H.) drawings of St. Thomas Church

May (Cliff) papers

Maybeck (Bernard) buildings, drawings of

Mayberry (E. L.) drawings

Mazzetti (Louis) drawings of store on State Street

McCoy (Esther) research papers

Miller (Marcus P.) papers

Miramar Hotel drawings

Mittelstadt (Robert) drawings of the Tuteur house

Models of Case Study houses 5 and 12

Montgomery (Ross) drawings

Monzivi (William) presentation drawing of a model house

Moore (Charles) drawings and model

Morgan, Walls & Clements drawings

Morris (Allyn E.) papers

Muir (Elda) papers

Myers (Barton) papers

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Neff (Wallace) photographs and postcards

Neutra (Richard) drawings

Newsom & Newsom drawings of an unidentified mixed use building

Newton (William) drawings of the William F. Bessemeyer house

Nisley (Vee) wallpaper samples and ephemera

Nixon (Thomas) drawings

Noerenberg & Johnson drawings for the Metropolitan High School

Nulty (Don) drawings of the Isenberg house alterations

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O'Brien (Smith) drawing of the Youth Directory building

Olsberg (Nicholas) Research Papers on Southern California

Outcault (John) architectural drawings

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Papers documenting the Richfield building

Parkinson and Parkinson drawings

Patterson, Langford and Stewart drawings for the Santa Barbara Central City Redevelopment project

Pederson (Donald E.) drawings of the Carrillo Street Hotel/Conference Center

Penfield & Smith drawings of El Presidio Properties parking lot

Perkins (John Loring) papers

Peters (Jock) papers

Pflueger (Milton) drawings of the University of California, Berkeley Radiation Laboratory addition

Phelps (Barton) drawings

Phillips (Peter K.) drawings of the Mr. and Mrs. Shirlyn G. Brien house

Photograph of the Saltzman house designed by Daniel Solomon

Pitman (Richard H.) papers

Platt (Charles A.) drawings of the Mrs. Henry Stephens house

Plaza de la Guerra redevelopment scheme drawings

Polyzoides (Stefanos) models and drawings of R.M. Schindler houses

Powell (Herbert J.) papers

Power (Nancy Goslee) & Associates records

Powers, Daly and DeRosa drawings

Prichard (Edward H.) drawings of the Mr. Stanley McCormick Meadow house renovations

Priteca (B. Marcus) drawings of the Alexander Pantages Theatre

PSWC Group drawings of the Montecito Union School

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Ray and Garstang collection of bound tearsheets from architecture and art publications

Reichardt (Walter L.) papers

Reifel (Stanley) papers

Reilly (Paul C.) drawings of the Daniel J. Donahue house

Reisbord (Samuel) papers

Requa & Jackson drawings of the Mrs. H. C. Magee house

Reynolds (Marcus T.) drawing of the Albany Evening Journal building addition

Richards (Sim Bruce) papers and art work

Riggs (Lutah Maria) papers

Ring (Jonathan) drawings of M.M. Griffith house

Robinson (Frank D.) drawings

Russel Ray and Winsor Soule drawings of the Young Men's Christian Association building

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Sabin (Henry Palmer) papers

Saladino (John) drawings of the Little house

Santa Barbara Community Development Department records

Santa Barbara Community Arts Association records

Santa Barbara Public Library drawings

Sauter and Lockard drawings of City Hall

Sawyer (Cliff & Lou) papers

Schindler (R. M.) papers

Sexsmith (Harold O.) millwork drawings and patterns

Sheets (Millard) drawings of the Joseph Hunter house

Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge drawings of the Mrs. C. H. McCormick house

Shotwell (Michael D.) drawings of the Joseph G. Coleman Jr. house remodel

Siegel (Daniel) collection of papers regarding the Siegel house designed by Smith and Williams

Smith & Williams records

Smith (George Washington) papers

Smith (Kathryn) interviews related to R. M. Schindler

Soderburg (Paul) papers

Soule, Murphy and Hastings drawings

Spaulding, Rex & DeSwarte drawings of the Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Osherenko house

Spaulding (Sumner) architectural drawings for the Spaulding residence

Spenner (Charles) papers

Stacy-Judd (Robert) papers

Stanton, Reed & Hibbard drawings of the Bullocks Department Store alterations and additions

Stevens (Ralph T.) landscape plan for the Harold S. Chase house

Stone (Douglas Dacre) drawings

Stringham (Roland I.) drawings of the H. C. Heinz house

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Tafel (Edgar) items related to the Thomas Watson house

Taylor (Richard B.) papers

Test (Lawrence C.) papers

Tuttle (Paul) papers

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Uhl (Don) drawings of the E. J. Brandeis house

Underhill (Francis T.) papers

United States Coast Guard Rescue Station at Point Arguello

University Art Museum renovation records

University of California, Santa Barbara Campus Building records

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Van Pelt (Garrett) architectural drawings and photographs

Vhay (Anna Louise Murphy) drawings

Vhay (David) drawings of hte Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Jackson Jr. house

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Warner & Gray Inc. drawings of the El Mirasol condominiums

Wass & Chard drawing of the Mrs. Mary R. Dennison house

Waycott (Ralph) collection of papers regarding the Appleton/Waycott house

Webber & Spaulding drawings of the William Wrigley Jr. Castle on Mount Ada

Weber (Kem) papers

Weeks (W. H.) drawings of the Santa Barbara Junior High School

Weid (A. J.) drawings of the apartments for McLennan and Fargo

Welsh (Elliott) papers

Welton Becket and Associates drawings for the Robert McCulloch house

White (Walter S.) papers

Whiteley (Harold) design of an unidentified Beverly Hills, California store building

Whittier Union High School Old Administration building

Whittlesey (Charles) drawing of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co. Alvarado Hotel building

Williams (Paul Revere) drawings

Williams (Paula) papers

Williams (Wayne) papers

Wilson (Francis W.) drawings

Wilson (Roy C.) papers

Wing (Kenneth) papers

Winslow, Sr. (Carleton Monroe) papers

Wolf (Harry) Architect Records

Wolf (Rudolf) papers

Woolf (John Elgin) papers

Woollett (William Lee) papers

Wright (Frank Lloyd) achitectural drawings

Wright (Lloyd) drawings

Wythe, Blaine and Olson presentation drawing of the Arlington Hotel

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