At Home Activities

Georgia O'Keeffe in black text on white semi-circle on pink background with flowers

The Education & Outreach Program Interns designed activities to engage adults and children alike. Each link below offers a brief art history lesson and an accompanying project that can be completed with common supplies from around the house. These activities will inspire an interest in art and art history, promote creativity, encourage close looking, and develop global awareness.

Art history lessons and art activities

Developed and led by the 2021–2022 EOP Interns Miranda Konkoly ('22), Baily Ludwick ('23), Tatiana Rodriguez ('22), and Sarah Patton ('22):

Environmental Art text in dark green on green and pink forest background

Georgia O'Keeffe in black text on white circle on top of pink flowered background

Modern Art for Kids: in white text with HILMA AF KLINT in gold text on royal blue background, surrounded by splotches of red and pink

What is a Mural in white text, and a picture of a mural, on sea green background

Pop Art with Wayne Thiebaud: Painting Sweets in hot pink and blue text on pink background surrounded by candy and donuts and swirls

Quilt Art in light green text on white rectangle on top of light green and yellow cross-hatched block lines shaped like a quilt

Still Life in white block letters outlined in lime green, surrounded by squiggly form in lime green, on top of pink background

Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Expressionism

Developed and led by 2020–2021 EOP Interns:

Renaissance Frescoes
EOP Art History Lesson - Renaissance Frescoes

The Planets and Collages
EOP Art History Lesson - Planets and Collages

EOP Art History Lesson - Weaving

Royalty and Crowns
EOP Art History Lesson - Royalty and Crowns in Art History

Dutch Still LIfe Paintings
EOP Art History Lesson - Dutch Still Life Painting

Recycled Art
EOP - Art History Lesson - Recycled Art

EOP Art History Lesson - Origami

EOP Art History Lesson - Surrealism

Women Artists
EOP Art History Lesson - Women Artists