AD&A Museum receives UCSB TGIF grant for Climate Plan and Statement

The AD&A Museum is the proud recipient of a grant from The Green Initiative Fund at UC Santa Barbara that will help support the development of the Museum's Climate Plan and Statement. The grant will allow the Museum to engage a student in this endeavor, with which the Museum aims at both reducing its carbon footprint and developing climate-related programming.

About the Student-funded UCSB TGIF initiative
The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects which “green” our campus and reduce the University’s impact on the environment. Since this student-funded initiative began over ten years ago, TGIF has advanced over 100 projects that increase the amount of renewable energy used on campus, increase water and energy efficiency, and reduce waste at the University. The fund also provides critical support for carbon neutrality projects and UCSB’s goal to reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

About the Climate Plan and Statement
In 2020, the AD&A Museum founded the Environmental Alliance of Santa Barbara County Museums alongside 13 other local cultural institutions to “creatively explore the impacts of climate change through art, history, science and/or nature” in their programs. During the coalition's first initiative, Impact: Climate Change and the Urgency of Now, which will run from April through September 2022, Alliance members will host exhibitions and events at their venues with the intent of moving visitors to stand up for climate action. In the coming weeks, the AD&A Museum with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Barbara will host a Climate Plan and Statement Workshop for California art museums. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to establish a network of art museums that can support each other in pursuing their climate operational and educational agenda. The resulting plans will be published on the California Association of Museums website.