"Harmonia Rosales: Entwined" in The Current


UCSB News, The Current, features Harmonia Rosales: Entwined at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum.

'“Rosales creates a new Renaissance visuality that foregrounds Black and Latinx experiences,” said Helen Morales, Argyropoulos Professor of Hellenic studies at UC Santa Barbara, who contributed to the new publication. “Her work draws on the transatlantic slave trade because of which many of the Yorùbá myths almost did not survive." Morales was the lead curator of the AD&A show Harmonia Rosales: Entwined, which MBMA later broadened in scope under the title, Harmonia Rosales: Master Narrative.

Click on the above image to read "Harmonia Rosales recasts the Renaissance with West African tales from the same period"" written by Debra Herrick for The Current.
Image: Harmonia Rosales, Birth of Oshun, detail, 2017, oil on canvas