SB Independent Review of ‘Ishi Glinsky: Upon a Jagged Maze’

Photo of "Ishi Glinsky: Upon a Jagged Maze" exhibition / sculpture, resin pieces on the wall, and large jacket on the right.

Click to read the latest review of Ishi Glinsky: Upon a Jagged Maze in this week's Santa Barbara Independent (9/14/22).

"First impressions, subtle and otherwise, matter when it comes to the delicate art of museum exhibition design. In the case of Ishi Glinsky: Upon a Jagged Maze, the dynamic opening exhibition of the new season for UCSB’s Art, Architecture and Design Museum (, the immediate impact is multifold, subtle and otherwise." -- Josef Woodard, SB Independent

Image: AD&A Museum gallery wtih Ishi Glinsky sculptures, including the large Coral vs. King Snake Jacket (2019). Photo courtesy of Josef Woodard/SB Independent.