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impactmania and AD&A Museum intern Nerwel Zhao interview John Bowers, Professor at UCSB and Fred Kavli Chair in Nanotechnology about solar lighting:


impactmania interviews professor Lydia Contreras, chemical engineer at the University of Texas, Austin, who won the UCSB's Mellichamp Award for Emerging Leaders:


impactmania and AD&A Museum intern Tess Reinhardt interview artist and distinguished professor George Legrady at Media Arts and Technology (MAT), UCSB:


impactmania and AD&A Museum intern, Zoe Crouzat, interviews Isabelle Dumont, French Ambassador to Ukraine:


impactmania interviews Kimberly Foster, Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Associate Director, Center for Bioengineering at UCSB. Kimberly spoke about her latest project: building the world’s smallest hammer — the microhammer — to hammer cells!


George Bolster is an artist-in-residence at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, and collaborates with leading scientists such as Laurance Doyle who discovered the planet Tatooine (Kepler-16b).


Muralist & UCSB (Art Studio) alumnus Gus Harper paints wall on Haley Street, Santa Barbara after painting in Indonesia, India, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Africa.


impactmania  interviews artist Penelope Gottlieb.


impactmania  intern, Marirose Meyers, interviews Vanessa Thompson, civil engineer, for the Women of Impact project.


impactmania  intern, Nicollette Juchum, reviews Still We Rise  event.


impactmania interviews social practice artist Suzanne Lacy.